Quality Custom Screen CompanyQuality Custom Screen Company
The World's Highest Quality ScreensThe World's Highest Quality Screens
Quality Custom Screen Company is a privately owned American company based in Mount
Pleasant, Michigan.  QC Screen was founded in the fall of 2002 on the premise of
providing the seed and grain industry with top quality perforated and wire mesh screens
for air/screen cleaners.   The primary principles of QC have over seventy years of
combined experience in screening applications.  The value that we provide is more than
the products we represent.  QC can assist you to apply the right product to your
specific situation every time.  We provide industry specific application knowledge that
is second to none.
Custom punched screens from QC Screen Company are fabricated by experienced
craftsmen whose attention to detail is shown by the products we provide.  Each frame is
crafted from premium quality kiln dried hardwood utilizing mortise and tenon joinery
and tight tolerances.  Each perforated screen section is custom punched on a CNC
machine with repeatability to four thousandths of an inch (.004”).  Every screen and
ball tray is assembled by our experienced staff-further ensuring that our customers’
expectations are met or exceeded.  Our system of screen manufacturing virtually
eliminates partial holes that clog and decrease screening efficiency and lead to
contamination among processed products.  As a custom perforator we take pride in
being able to serve our customers as no one else.  Experience for yourself why Quality
Custom Screen Company is more than just a name.